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One simple greens drink filled with superfoods, BCAA's, probiotics and CBD to help you achieve total body wellness in these uncertain times.


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Live Better. Simply.

Developed by a team of nutritionists, scientists and anti-aging doctors, Natural Recovery Greens is a green juice drink that brings together nutrient dense superfoods, muscle-repairing branch chain amino acids and digestion-aiding probiotics in one easy-to-take drink.

Natural Recovery Greens is the very first green juice drink with cannabidiol (CBD) to relax and prepare your body to get the maximum nutritional benefit in each packet of Natural Recovery Greens.

How Does Natural Recovery Greens Work?

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Water-Soluble Cannabidoil (CBD)

Relaxes you and prepares your body to get the maximum effect of Natural Recovery Greens’ superfoods, BCAA’s and probiotics.

green juice branch chain amino acids

Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Repair your muscles, provide energy, increase weight loss and aid in nutrient absorption.

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Introduce good bacteria to heal your gut, improve your immune system and aid in digestion.

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CBD is one of the naturally occurring cannabinoids found within the cannabis, or hemp, plant. Proper extraction from the hemp plant ensures that CBD contains no high-inducing THC, the psychoactive ingredient in the hemp plant.

CBD triggers the body's endocannabinoid system, which acts as a bridge between our mind and body, regulating the hormones that keep our body operating in homeostasis, or at peak performance.

The CBD in Natural Recovery Greens' formula signals your body to relax into an optimal state to get maximum benefit from the superfoods, branch chain amino acids and probiotics in each packet of Natural Recovery Greens.

We invite you to learn more about Natural Recovery Greens' partnership with OLEO and how we ensure that each batch of CBD we use contains exactly what it should, and nothing that it shouldn't.

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Try Natural Recovery Greens

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"As an Army Veteran that suffers from PTSD and sleep apnea, I have experienced more downs than ups in the past 14 years, but I can honestly say that in the last few months my life has changed.

At the time that I first heard about Natural Recovery Greens, I was on a plateau with keto and an unhealthy 202lbs with high blood pressure, 17% body fat, and 28% BMI. I hadn’t had a full night’s sleep since 2002.

Since I started taking NRG, I sleep through the entire night, have dropped nearly 15lbs, my body fat % has dropped to 12%, my BMI is 23%, and my blood pressure is normal. I have never been more driven and focused, and I feel strong and healthy. Natural Recovery Greens has changed my life. "
– Joe Holloway
Joe Holloway Natural Recovery Greens
"Loving the recovery greens to keep my body going while pushing through a grueling 6 week bootcamp. It seriously works and I'm telling everyone all about it! Good stuff."
– David Fettner
"As a dad of 5, an entrepreneur and a crossfit athlete, I can tell you that by the end of the day my mental and physical energy is all but drained. There is just enough left to sit down with a glass of wine and a movie with the wife.

But then I started drinking Natural Recovery Greens everyday just after lunch. By day 3 or 4, mornings became really easy. My workout intensity increased, and honestly.... after-workout pains subsided quite a bit. If you do Crossfit... you know what I'm talking about.

So - if you are someone who is constantly pushing yourself, someone who is active, someone with a gaggle of kids to wrangle - Natural Recovery Greens is your best friend."
– David Bentley
"I am a huge fan of superfood green drinks and CBD. Natural Recovery Greens combines the two into what Jules from Pulp Fiction would call “a tasty beverage.”

I like to drink NRG in the morning….it’s the first thing I consume every day. I feel the effects almost immediately. My brain starts firing, I get a little pick me up, and my mood enhances from the goodness of the healthy ingredients rushing through my system. Plus, the convenient single serving packs make it easy to take your nutrients with you wherever you go. "
– Danny Zederman, ESPN Producer and
Host of the Armchair Nutritionist Podcast
"Natural Recovery Greens is the first CBD product I’ve used that has finally helped me in recovery and assist in managing the post-workout aches of lower back pain! I now take it every other day, after alternating upper body workouts and the results are amazing: I can bounce out of bed, hit the weights, and hedge up the reps! Mood and sleep seem quite improved too!

I was immediately impressed and was sold from the get go. There is no going back now, and I appreciate the thoughtfulness and inherent pride in this high quality product. "
– Matt Wazenberg
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