reishi mushroom and its health benefits

Everything You Need to Know About the Reishi Mushroom and its Health Benefits

Picture this — you wake up in the morning, brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee, and add a spoonful of powdered… mushroom? This may sound confusing, even a bit unappetizing, but many popular lifestyle brands have endorsed mushrooms for their enormous health benefits. Although the mushroom fad has just started, traditional Chinese medicine has used mushrooms for centuries. One of the most powerful mushrooms to supplement your diet is the reishi mushroom, also called the “mushroom of immortality”.

Where Do You Find Reishi Mushrooms?

Known to the scientific community as ganoderma lucidumreishi mushrooms are quick to identify with their distinctive kidney shape, deep red color, and pores on their undersides. They are found on dead or dying treein dark, damp forests and will continue to grow in the same spot the following year. Finding reishi mushrooms in the wild is very rare because only two or three trees in 10,000 will host them. So if you’ve found a spot where reishi mushrooms grow, be sure to come back to it next year.

Modernizing Traditional Chinese Medicine

This remarkable mushroom has been used in traditional Chinese medicines for over 2,000 years. Ancient Chinese texts refer to it as the “mushroom of immortality,” and included secret locations where the mushroom was believed to grow. Fortunately, we no longer have to consult secret texts, as most medicinal mushrooms can now be commercially grown. This more accessible supply allows people all over the world to benefit from their amazing properties.  

How A Reishi Mushroom Can Benefit Your Overall Health

One of the best health benefits when consuming a reishi mushroom is the boost it gives your immune system. They contain beta-glucans and other compounds that strengthen immunity cells and help combat infections and viruses. In addition, reishi mushrooms also benefit your circulatory system. The same compounds that boost immunity also help lower blood pressure and improve circulation. The positive effect of increased blood circulation and blood flow through the heart lowers cholesterol and increases white blood cell count. Furthermore, the reishi mushroom has been recommended by Chinese herbalists as a treatment for insomnia. Reishi mushrooms have a calming effect on the central nervous system. They help relax muscles, reduce stress, and ultimately promote sleep. Finally, reishi mushrooms help restore moisture and youth to the skiby revitalizing ceramides, or the naturally occurring lipids (fats) in your skin. This reduces visibly irritated, wrinkled or dehydrated skin giving you a vibrant glow.  

What’s The Best Way to Consume Reishi Mushrooms?

If you decide to forage your own reishi mushrooms, it is important to note that they are generally too tough to eat. However, you can still benefit from the their full medicinal properties in many different forms. Reishi has a distinctly bitter flavor, but it lends itself well to tea or soups. You can also purchase powdered reishi supplements to easily add to smoothies or coffee.

Reishi Mushrooms are Immortal – They’re Here to Stay

There’s so much to gain from adding a small amount of this powerful mushroom to your daily diet. A bolstered immune system, improved circulation, better sleep and glowing skin are just a few of many reishi mushroom health benefitsAs rare as they are in the wild, there are alternatives, such as Natural Recovery Greens, to help you reap the rewards of this beneficial mushroom without foraging in the forest. Natural Recovery Greens is proud to include the reishi mushroom in its long list of natural ingredients to help you feel your best every single day. 

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