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Through my career, I have been fortunate to work with athletes, doctors, and nutritionists. These professionals taught me how to properly fuel my body and mind so I can recover right, which has allowed me to feel my best and perform at my highest level.

Over the years, I became passionate about finding the right nutrients to give my body what I needed to recover and repair from my active lifestyle. When I was introduced to Full Spectrum Hemp and its health promoting benefits, I was amazed by the research I found. I immediately started incorporating it into my daily routine, and I loved the results.

I was already taking powders, greens, and capsules throughout the day. While I felt great, I realized that my regimen had gotten a little difficult to manage, and started looking at superfoods to replace some of my supplements.

Drinking greens became a possible solution. A generally good source of superfoods, most “greens drink” products focus on antioxidant protection and packing the most vegetables in their formula. Again, though, health is holistic, and these greens supplements were missing the bigger picture: the health benefits of hemp.

Seeing so many people struggle to juggle these different elements and make a healthy lifestyle stick for them, I realized that there had to be an easier way for people to get the nutrients they needed.

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Back in the '80's, prepackaged, processed and preservative-filled food was going mainstream. The fast food industry was growing by leaps and bounds, and sugary snack cakes had a home in every kid's lunchbox.

Well – almost every kid's lunchbox. While my friends licked the leftover icing from their cake wrappers across the table from me, I crunched away on carrot sticks, apples and whatever other torturous "health food" my mom had packed for me.

Was I jealous? You bet. It wasn't until I reached college that I got it. Freed to make my own decisions, I ate as I pleased, and...boy, did I feel lousy. At that point, I realized that I was the lucky one. I didn't *need* the sugar. I wasn't stuck trying to break bad eating habits developed in my childhood.

So, thanks to my folks, the stage was set for me to live my best, healthiest life, and I seized the opportunity.
Pete Olander Full Spectrum Hemp Health Benefits
Pete Olander CBD Health Benefits

Everything You Need. Easy to Take.

With help from top nutritionists, athletes and anti-aging doctors, I set out to create the first superfood greens recovery drink containing Full Spectrum Hemp paired with ingredients selected to work together in order to provide the most efficacious wellness drink on the market.

And, the icing on the carrot stick, so to speak, is that Natural Recovery Greens comes in easy to grab-and-go single serve packets. Packed with nutrient-dense superfoods, BCAA’s, probiotics and Full Spectrum Hemp, each packet gets you the nutrients you need to fight off the physical and mental stresses of everyday life and start each new day at 100%.

Nutrition is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. Get what you need and get it easily, and then get on with your happier, healthier life.

Recover Well and Recover Right,

Pete Olander

Pete Olander

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