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Is a Juice Cleanse Really Worth the Hype?

With our lives as busy as they are, eating a well-balanced diet is challenging, even though countless studies show improvements to our overall wellness, from better heart health to clearer skin. Lifestyle trends endorsed by celebrities or influencers, designed to give us shortcuts to better health, pop up frequently. An ever popular trend, juicing is known for quick absorption of nutrients with nearly immediate results. Many people have experienced weight gain, junk food cravings, water retention and other symptoms attributed to consuming highly manufactured and ultra-processed foods that are so prevalent in Western society. To counteract these symptoms, and detox their bodies, many proponents of juicing implement a juice fast, or cleanse, to their diet. A juice cleanse typically lasts three to ten days.

What Does Juicing Look Like?

Although a juice cleanse may seem like a quick three day reset, there is time required before and after your cleanse to prepare and restore your body. A few days before the cleanse, it is recommended that you reduce caffeine, nicotine and refined sugar. This is done in an effort to reduce the amount of withdrawal symptoms you may experience. You must prepare and consume your juices fresh every day with thoroughly washed ingredients to reduce the potential for bacterial growth. The juices, which should contain 80% vegetables to keep nutrients high and sugar low, should be consumed every two to three hours whether you feel hungry or not. Otherwise, you may risk a sugar crash or severe hunger cravings. It is common to feel unwell during a detox, and it is suggested you keep physical activity light, sweat out toxins with a hot bath soak, and get plenty of sleep. Once you end your cleanse, it is recommended that you slowly reintroduce solid foods, as your digestive system has been in a state of rest. The first few days your meals should be heavy in fruit and vegetables with no red meat, alcohol, dairy, or processed foods.

Why Do It?

The main reason to juice is “bioavailability”. Bioavailability is the rate at which your body is able to absorb the powerful nutrients in fruits and vegetables. When you consume raw, juiced fruits and vegetables on an empty stomach, you are essentially bypassing the digestive system. This allows nutrients to be absorbed right away while also giving your digestive system a rest from processing fiber. Regularly flooding your body with concentrated nutrients in this way helps with weight loss, bloating, clearer brighter skin, and a stronger immune system.

Is Juicing Worth the Hype?

Although a juice cleanse may seem like the best way to “reset” your body, and lose weight quickly, there is little research that supports long-term benefits. Juicing means a low calorie count, which is why people are able to lose weight so quickly, but tend to gain it right back after their cleanse ends. Consuming only raw juice often means that you will miss out on the fiber those fruits and vegetables provide. Fiber keeps your digestive tract moving by making your bowel movements softer and more regular. Additionally, more fiber in our digestive tract keeps us feeling fuller for longer. On top of curbing our appetite, fiber slows the release of glucose, which helps prevent drops and spikes in our blood sugar levels, inherently lowering your risk of chronic disease.

Juicing Is a Commitment

It is also important to consider that finding the right balance of fruits and vegetables takes time and research. Without careful planning, you may be loading your morning juice with high amounts of sugar, essentially negating the benefits of your new habit. Finally, to achieve a well-rounded and balanced serving of vitamins and minerals, it is extremely costly. A juicer ranges from a more conservative $40 to upwards of $1,000. The average price to purchase three days’ worth of organic fruits and vegetables needed for a full juice cleanse is around $200. It requires a financial commitment, in addition to the extreme daily requirements, to dedicate yourself to this new habit.

Overall Take On Juicing

Everyday juicing or a targeted juice cleanse clearly offers some benefits. You are providing your body with much needed nutrients that it may be lacking in your daily diet, and are absorbing these nutrients quickly and efficiently with bioavailability. However, the potential side effects of a juice cleanse coupled with the cost and lifestyle change required quickly makes juicing unattainable for many people. Even juicing just once a day as a supplement to your diet requires both a financial and time commitment that many cannot justify.

Is There an Alternative?

This is where Natural Recovery Greens can help. Formulated with OLEO Micro Encapsulated Full Spectrum Hemp technology, these products are high in bioavailability. Designed to be water soluble, you begin to feel the effects of our products within just a few minutes. Additionally, Natural Recovery Greens contains ingredients high in fiber, to help aid in digestion and help you feel fuller longer. An easier and more affordable way to get the nutrition you need, Natural Recovery Greens created a product that is easy to prepare, has all natural ingredients and no added sugar. It is a full spectrum hemp extract infused beverage combined with real fruits, vegetables, BCAAs and probiotics. These ingredients work synergistically with each other to pack the maximum nutritional punch. Every ingredient was carefully selected to work together for optimum wellness. The best part? Literally just add water.

Make the Choice That Works for You

Although juicing can help you lose weight and absorb nutrients in vegetables and fruits faster, is it really worth the investment? If you answered yes, then go for it! However, there are other solutions, like Natural Recovery Greens, that can help you get the same benefits that juicing gives you without the work. Leave your long grocery lists and a messy clean-up behind and make Natural Recovery Greens part of your daily routine.

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