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Are you one of those people who will lay in bed for the last possible second before rolling into the shower, skipping breakfast, and rushing to work? This type of morning takes a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re anything like us here at Natural Recovery Greens, mornings can make or break your day. Let’s help you set up a morning ritual that will lead to a successful day.

Building Morning Habits

One of the biggest struggles we face when we wake up is making decisions. What should you wear? What should you eat? Have you packed lunch? In the morning, we have a limited amount of willpower and decision-making ability. A simple solution to combat decision fatigue is laying your clothes for tomorrow and pack your lunch the night before. That way your mornings can be cherished with a routine that you look forward to each day.

On top of reducing decisions, eating a healthy breakfast is just as important in starting your morning on the right foot. It takes time that sometimes we don’t necessarily have to sit down and eat scrambled eggs and fruit. We get it. That’s one of the reasons we created Natural Recovery Greens. We worked with scientists and nutritionists to give you nutrients your body needs to perform its very best. Available in single serve packets, you can take Natural Recovery Greens on the go! Just add some water, mix and enjoy.

There’s more to a morning ritual than eating breakfast and taking a breath. So, we’re giving you the essentials you need to create a morning routine that will help you wake up refreshed and alert.

Enter Our Wake Up & Slay Giveaway

Whether you like your mornings with a little peace and calm or enjoy breaking a sweat, make sure your routine will make your day, not break it — enter our Wake Up & Slay Giveaway. We’ve partnered with eight health and beauty brands to help you be your best each and every day.

What’s Inside This $2,800 Prize Package

Worth $2,800, this prize package includes gift cards for clean beauty cosmetics from Good Science Beauty, natural haircare from NelsonjTM Beverly Hills, guilt-free nail polish from Habit, fragrance and body care from Wild Spirit, whitening toothpaste from Supersmile, jewelry and gifts from Initial Outfitters, sustainable wipes from Busy Co., plant-based snacks from Lil Bucks, PLUS a 30 day supply of Natural Recovery Greens and Releaf Cream.

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