Natural Recovery Greens Named One of 2020’s Top 100 Hemp Beverages

The emerging hemp beverages industry is on track to be one of the most consumable forms of hemp-derived cannabidiol extract. In 2019, full spectrum hemp was the most recognized, best-selling supplemental health ingredient in the natural sales channel. Now in 2020, Full Spectrum Hemp beverages have caught fire and found their way to the stage.

HealthMJ ranked Natural Recovery Greens in the top 100 full spectrum hemp infused beverages in 2020, according to their research and analysis. With so many full spectrum hemp drinks, from coffees to kombucha drinks, they were divided into beverage type: waters, coffees, teas, sports nutritional drink powder mixes, kombucha and energy drinks. Natural Recovery Greens was placed in the sports nutritional drink powder mix category, which includes full spectrum hemp shots, powders and juice mixes for the purpose of recovery and performance. Natural Recovery Greens was one of fourteen others recognized in helping improve performance and determining the quality of dissolvable hemp extract used.

A Little About Dissolvable Hemp Extract

The ranking of the sports nutritional powder mixes was based on whether the taste of cannabis was evident. By using quality dissolvable hemp extract, the chosen drinks made the hemp extract flavorless. Natural Recovery Greens uses a “micro-encapsulated full spectrum hemp extract” that can be absorbed through your body faster and more easily. Also, we added black pepper to give our greens drink more flavor while helping your entire body absorb the nutrients.

The human body contains approximately 60% water, greatly affecting the bioavailability of full spectrum hemp, or how long it takes a substance to be absorbed. Currently, recent research suggests that the bioavailability of full spectrum hemp in most products is about 4%. However, drinks containing dissolvable hemp extract appear to have a much higher bioavailability.

The water-soluble hemp extract in Natural Recovery Greens increases the effectiveness of ingestion, possibly making full spectrum hemp extract have a quicker onset and longer-lasting effects. Full spectrum hemp drinks use smaller dosages, which decreases the likelihood of side effects. Hemp-infused drinks may help reduce pain, improve heart health, ease anxiety, depression and stress, plus soothe acne breakouts.

What Can Natural Recovery Greens Do for You?

As a green juice with full spectrum hemp, Natural Recovery Greens may help relax and prepare your body to get the maximum nutritional benefit. Nutrient-dense superfoods, amino acids, probiotics and BCAAs may boost your physical and mental performance while helping your body recover. Try Natural Recovery Greens today to help you live happier and healthier one drink at a time!

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