Mountain Biking

At an early age I realized that feeling my best positively impacted all aspects of my life, and I have been on a personal wellness journey ever since. Through the years, I have been fortunate to work with high level athletes, doctors, and nutritionists. Not only have these professionals taught me different training techniques, I have learned how to properly fuel my body and mind so I can recover properly, which has allowed me to feel my best and perform at my highest level.

Friends, family and colleagues frequently ask me about my diet and exercise program and what supplements I take. I don’t preach one specific diet, or a certain exercise regimen. I just tell them what has worked for me: increase physical activity, reduce sugar intake, eat nutrient-dense foods, take care of your gut, and rest. It occurred to me that the biggest obstacles to this regimen are time and discipline. So I thought, how could I help?

Researching new supplements to give my body what I needed to recover and repair from my active lifestyle became a passion. I was taking powders, greens, and capsules throughout the day, but I needed a more convenient way. I began to search for superfoods that could replace some of my supplements through my diet; it was at this time that I found Cannabidiol.  When I was introduced to CBD and its health promoting benefits, I was amazed by the research I found. I immediately started incorporating it in my daily routine, and I loved the results. But adding this new compound didn’t achieve my goal to reduce the number of products I was taking.

I set out to design the first superfood drink containing CBD, paired with ingredients selected to work together in order to provide the most efficacious wellness drink on the market. Most “greens drink” products focus on antioxidant protection and packing the most vegetables in their formula. To me though, health has always been holistic, and these greens products were missing the bigger picture. With help from top nutritionists, athletes, and anti-aging doctors: Natural Recovery Greens was born.

Natural Recovery Greens is the total body wellness drink with nutrient-dense superfoods, BCAAs, probiotics and CBD in a single packet so you can conveniently get the nutrients your body needs to fight off the physical and mental stresses of everyday life. I believe that nutrition is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle, and my goal is to help people get the nutrient variety they may be missing in their daily diet, to live life healthier and happier.

Recover well and Recover Right,

Pete Olander