Natural Recovery 2-Bag Bundle


Set yourself up for success with a month’s worth of Natural Recovery! Save $35 versus separate purchase of Natural Recovery Greens and Natural Recovery Releaf Cream.

  • 2-15 Serving Bags of Natural Recovery Greens get you the nutrients you need to stay in balance and perform your best in an easy-to-take formula. Packed with superfoods, probiotics, branched-chain amino acids and 25mg of hemp extract in every packet, Natural Recovery Greens has no added sugar, is non-GMO, gluten free and vegan friendly. Just mix with water and go!
  • 1-1.7 oz. Natural Recovery Releaf Cream employs a unique 3-Phase Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief formula, with menthol for immediate relief, hemp extract for long-lasting comfort, and DMSO to increase circulation and speed the healing process. The whipped, non-greasy formula features a neutral, woodsy scent with a hint of mango.
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