The importance of nutrient variety in your diet


Importance of Nutrient Variety

According to the American Heart Association, dietary diversity promotes a nutritiously adequate diet that will reduce the risk of major chronic diseases. It can also reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Nutrients your body needs

Your body requires a range of essential vitamins and minerals to function at optimum capacity. No single food contains all the vital nutrients your body requires. It is necessary to eat a variety of food from each of the five major food groups to achieve adequate nutrition.

Many kinds of food contain multiple vitamins and minerals, along with other healthy substances. However, it can be difficult to obtain all the necessary nutrition from the food you eat. For instance, many adults are lacking in essential minerals such as vitamin K and magnesium. Calcium, vitamin B and fiber are also very important.

Compounds such as branched-chain amino acids and probiotics are vital to proper function, but it can be nearly impossible to consume adequate amounts without supplementing your diet.

Dietary diversity for good health

Dietary diversity can help ensure that your body is fed properly from natural food sources. Aside from vitamins and minerals, many food items contain essential compounds and other elements required by systems in the body for optimum function.

Choosing different food from each of the five major groups in the Food Pyramid helps ensure adequate diversity in your diet. The key is to master the serving sizes because they are often not as big as people think.

For instance, a single serving of rice or pasta is half a cup. However, most people tend to eat two to three times that amount in a sitting. Eating the proper serving sizes allows you to incorporate diversity into your diet without adding extra calories.

Natural Recovery Greens ensure nutrient variety in your diet

It is sometimes necessary to supplement your diet to ensure adequate nutritional intake. Supplementing with Natural Recovery Greens can help fill dietary gaps to help provide optimal nutrition. It supplies sufficient amounts of essential nutrients lacking in many meal plans.

Daily requirements of minerals, such as iron and manganese, can be difficult to meet without supplementing. Often, people just do not enjoy eating the kinds of food that are rich in essential nutrients. Many people do not like to eat beets, for example.

However, the nutrients they provide enhance cardiovascular health while protecting the body from chronic illness and inflammation. Supplementing with Natural Recovery Greens is the best way to consume those nutrient-dense superfoods you may not enjoy putting on your plate at meal time.

It also helps ensure you consume vital branched chain amino acids and probiotics essential for digestion and recovery.

Natural Recovery Greens improves nutritional diversity while helping to regulate hormone levels, boost energy and regulate blood sugar, so you can feel your best.