What Makes a Healthy Diet

Paleo, Keto, Mediterranean or Vegan?   It seems like every year a new diet trend is promoted as the “best” diet for everyone. In reality, no one diet works for everyone.   We all have very different physiological make ups and the diet you choose can have a positive or a negative impact on your health.   I currently practice the flexitarian diet with a focus on adding extra vegetables and as much plant protein as possible.   I have tried many of the diets listed in the article below, and will discuss how I felt while on these diets in future blogs and vlogs.   

One tool that helped me find the right diet for me was an Allergen Blood Test.   This test shows what foods your body has a negative sensitivity towards, so you can curb or remove certain foods from your diet.   This is very important because food allergens can cause inflammation in your body, which leads to water retention and weight gain. This is your body’s defense mechanism to shield itself from these allergens.  

Check out the top 10 Diets of 2018 in the article below:


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